“Education is all a matter of building bridges.” — Ralph Ellison

Vision and Goal Statement

Our vision is to improve school-home connection by facilitating strong relationships between our parents, staff and the community in an effort to improve student success. We aim to decrease the burden of navigating the complexities of our school system.

Our goal is to help bridge the achievement gap for minority students in Woodland Schools each Academic year by engaging in parent-led communication and collaborating with the district's instructional leadership team.


 February is Black History Month, a national celebration of the achievement and contributions of people of African Ancestry to the development and advancement of the United States of America...

2020 Census


Friendly Reminder

 2020 Census count is coming and Woodland leadership wants to make sure that we are prepared.

Read more at: www.dist50.net/census. Also click on button below to see how this impacts our schools.